Health benefits of Swimming: active holidays in Seychelles

You can hardly find a better place for swimming than Seychelles. It's true heaven in the Indian Ocean with the ideal conditions: year-round summer, the average water temperature is + 24˚С , safe flora and fauna, crystal-clear water at the beaches.

If you are lucky to visit Seychelles for vacations, don't miss a chance to spend as much time in the water as possible: besides the undeniable pleasure, you will definitely enjoy swimming health benefits.

Strong muscles

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Swimming is a great way to increase your body strength and tone up muscles. The time you spend in the water will be as beneficial as the time spent in a gym thanks to the strain on all the muscle groups. Smooth and soft moves help to stretch and strengthen them without an increasing volume.

Pain free joints

Seychelles pool

When you swim, 90% of the whole body is underwater that makes it lighter. That's why water activities are great for people who suffer from joint pain and osteochondritis.

It's also the best way to prevent motor system diseases.

Healthy heart

Seychelles swimming

Scientists have answered the question of why is swimming so good for your heart health a long time ago, and nothing has changed yet.

As the activity is aerobic, it strengthens the heart and speeds up blood circulation in the whole body.

Swimming helps to decrease blood pressure. 30 minutes are enough to reduce a risk of heart diseases by 50%.

Perfect mood

Seychelles swimming pool

Swimming is considered as one of the best ways to release stress, aggression, anger, irritability, and cheer up. It also helps to achieve peace and harmony, brings joyful feelings and positive emotions to everyone regardless of the level of training.

Overall swimming makes you healthy and happy, that`s why be sure to include it to your healthy Seychelles holidays must-do list.

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