Guide to Mahe Island in Seychelles

Mahe Island in Seychelles is the largest of the 115 Islands of the Republic, taking up one-third of the landmass of the whole archipelago

Unlike the other Seychelles islands, Mahe has the utmost developed infrastructure, transportation links and facilities of all the Islands hence why it is popular with tourists with its many hotels, bars and restaurants. The Capital, Victoria along with the International airport is located on Mahe.

Mahe sights

At first, we recommend visiting Victoria that is one of the smallest capitals in the world. The city is rich with greenery that makes it extremely beautiful. It’s great to walk down the green streets and enjoy the sights.


There is a clock tower on the central street – a miniature replica of Big Ben as reminder of the British rule over the archipelago in the past.

The “rock of possession” is also worth attention. It was set by French more than 250 years ago to symbolize their rule and can be seen in the museum near the clock tower as remembrance that Seychelles belonged to the French colony.

Go to Sir Selwyn Selwyn-Clarke Market to but souvenirs and unique accessories, taste local fruits, vegetables, fish, and seafood and just enjoy the atmosphere. The place is extremely vivid and eventful.

On Victoria valleys, there are gardens and parks with endemic plants.

Seychelles nature

• Botanic Garden Mont Fleuri showcases the unique flora and fauna, the main attraction – giant tortoises which are 100-200 years old.
• Spice Garden Le Jardin du Roi. Besides the unique plants and incredible aroma from far away the place is also attractive due to the great view from the hilltop. The restored old estate, luxurious bamboo grove, handmade aroma candles and the museum with the ancient exhibit is also interesting to view.
• Baie Ternay Marine Park provides the unique opportunity to enjoy the vivid and diverse ocean inhabitants.

Mahe beaches

Mahe Island has 68 safe beaches with soft white sand with gradual entrance to the Indian Ocean without sharp stones and corals. All the beaches are public.

Seychelles beach

The pride of the island is Beau Vallon. It stands out due to its safety and developed infrastructure. There is everything for active and peaceful vacations including restaurants, bars, diving sites, shops, and markets.

Other noteworthy beaches include Petite Anse, Anse Royale, Anse Solei, Takamaka.

Mahe: things to do

Are you fond of outdoor activities? There are such water sports on Mahe as surfing, diving or snorkeling. It's a perfect way to get closer to the underwater world. The ocean hides a huge amount of different corals, 900 fish species, turtles and rays, tunnels, and caves.

Seychelles surfing

Sailing and kayaking are also popular among tourists and the locals. These activities allows you to explore other islands and its hidden treasures.

Seychelles is perfect for deep-sea fishing lovers. Anyone can catch a big trophy fish be it tuna, barracuda, marlin, and others without much efforts. Moreover, the activity is available all year round.

There are numerous hiking trails with varying degrees of difficulty levels on Mahe that will be great for both experienced hikers and those who prefer relaxing walks. The plateau at the end of Morne Blanc has a terrific view of the whole island. If you finish Copolia trail you will be able to enjoy views of Victoria from the above.

Restaurants and bars

The local cuisine is a mix of Creole, Indian, Asian and European traditions.

Seychelles cuisine

Numerous restaurants on Mahe offer delicacies and drinks made of the finest ingredients. Seafood and fish are the most popular food items on the menu.

Spices are another Seychelles pride. The Indian chefs use them with outstanding skills so consider frequenting the Mahek restaurant or try some Creole delicacies at the Grand Savoy.

The local bars can offer not only tropical cocktails and draft beer but also fun activities: karaoke, discos and new friends will make the holidays unforgettable and eventful.

If you are lucky to go to Seychelles on vacations, do visit Mahe Island and spend a few days there. The sights of the capital, nature reserves and parks – everyone will find something interesting on Mahe!

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