A world of extremely refined emotions and sensuality, a legendary name. A Digi-Esthétique®, exclusive massage method, helps transform your treatment into an unfor-gettable sensorial experience.

Sothys combines sensoriality and pleasure, through finely developed fragrances and textures, with effectiveness. Sothys offers rituals with delicate aromas for a total relaxation and a sensual experience: an interlude to pleasure.




Duration: 90 min

Experience this face intensive treatment with Siberian ginseng extract to envelop the skin in a wave of light and reveal its youthfulness. This treatment includes steam and comedo extraction, energy balance double mask, suitable for tiered skin requiring in-depth cleansing. All this is combining with energizing acupressure face and neck massage.


Duration: 75 min

An exclusive patented active ingredient, 1055 boletus extract selected to stimulate the hydration genes, enhanced by exclusive Digi-Esthétique® manual modelling method. Incomparable hydrating power for an immediate and lasting effect. The skin is replenished to prevent signs of ageing. The skin is exfoliate, rehydrate, regenerate, plump up, rebalance. It is the ideal treatment before or after sun exposure and long fly travels. This face treatment includes a relaxing back massage.


Duration: 75 min

Discover [c] collagene hyaluronique anti-ageing intensive treatment, adapted to the real age of the skin, according to the expert diagnosis of your beauty therapist who determines the ageing grade. Starts with mineral microdermabrasion, neck massage, followed by application of hyaluronic replenish serum and elasticity revealer over the face and neckline combine with Sothys Digi-Esthétique® massage - a finger pressure and drainage maneuvers to multiply the effectiveness of treatment. Collagen-lifting mask is included with head massage. Final application of Intensive serum and face cream adapted of the skin type. The skin is smooth, rejuvenated, plump up and lift.


Duration: 60 min

The essential basis to regain and keep a beautiful skin. Personal designed care adapted to skin needs. Gentle skin cleansing followed by biological skin peeling to prepare the skin for the application of a prescribed ampoules and face cream combine with modelling essence adapted to each individual skin’s need with face and neck massage. Final application of specific face cream according to the skin type.


Duration: 60 min

An essential facial treatment to boost and detoxify men’s skin. A treatment combining relaxation and efficiency to reduce nervous tension, stimulate the spirit and detoxify the skin. The treatment includes the application of multi-benefit agents to moisturize, tone and reduce lines. High precision cleanser, customized mask, relaxing modelling movements and specific age-defying face serum for a more resilient and impeccable skin. Detox and energy with the power of volcanic rock. 100% zen effectiveness.


Duration:30 min

Sublimate your eyes with this treatment specifically designed for the eye contour area, helps immediately diminish signs of fatigue, dark circle, puffiness to prevent ageing. It combines the hands of the beautician with the modelling porcelains specially designs for this unique eye treatment. The flax and mountain flower with complex of vitamins C, E and F are effective ingredients to stimulating the synthesis of collagen, antioxidant and moisturizing. This treatment can be added on to body wrap.


Duration: 30 min

Sublime feeling of freshness with this facial treatment begins with a gentle skin cleansing and toning, delicate exfoliation followed by an application of specific face cream adapted to skin type to complete with revitalizing massage face, neck and neckline.


Duration: 20 min




Duration: 90 min

A comprehensive slimming treatment to reduce the appearance of all types of cellulite. Precisely tailored to each client this treatment begins with an incredible active, self-heating peeling & wrap to slim and smooth the skin. Followed by the rhythmic pressure of slimming massage that your figure will be sculptured and refined. The treatment will end with the application of customized body serum.

* Recommended: a 5-treatment package (one a day).


Duration: 90 min

This comprehensive treatment has been specially designed to target: bust, stomach, thighs, arms. Exfoliation, toning peel-off wrap and modelling cream. The skin is more beautiful. Its firm and elasticity are restored. This is unique program combining effectiveness with sensory pleasure.

* Recommended: a 3-treatment package.


Duration: 90 min

Indulge in a personalized sensorial escape! Made-to-pleasure welcome procedure, where you will be able to choose your fragrance and the texture of your massage product. Treatment will start with full body exfoliation using sweet & salty scrub, followed by full body massage to feed your mind, body and soul.


Duration: 60 min

A unique protocol inspired by Japanese tradition, with Cherry blossom and lotus sensorial escape. Treatment will start with full body peeling using exfoliating gloves, relaxing massage techniques of the entire body and specific reinvigorating modelling of the feet in this nourishing delicately perfumed ritual. An ode to wellbeing, to relaxation and beauty of the body.


Duration: 60 min

A rejuvenating ritual of Orient inspiration with Cinnamon and ginger sensorial escape. This amazing journey will start with oriental spicy scrub, followed by a nourishing modeling of the entire body with warm aromatic poulticies. Sothys invites you on a journey with a fragrance to transport you to another world.


Duration: 30 min

This body scrub prepares the skin to receive other treatments, giving it a unique velvety touch. A tonic exfoliation combining sea salts and sugar leaving it deliciously smooth and soft; and detoxifies and re-mineralizes the skin.


Duration: 30 min

This body scrub prepares the skin to receive other treatments, nourishes the skin, provides softness and comfort. An amazing scrub with ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, orange and tangerine softly cleans and delightfully sublimates the skin. A delectable care leaving the skin delicately perfumed.

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