Most of our massages are available for either the individual or for couples. They can be enjoyed in:

  • Your Room: don’t move a muscle and we’ll perform the spa treatments in the comfort and privacy of your own room; or
  • The Spa: for the complete spa experience, 6 single and 3 couple’s treatment rooms await.


Classic Massages:


Duration: 90 min / 60 min

A full body Swedish massage, using the therapist’s body weight and palms, will loosen the tight muscles, create energy, increase blood circulation and transport you to a world of relaxation.


Duration: 90 min / 60 min

This deep tissue massage id perfect for those in need of more intense session and firm-er pressure. It focuses on tension areas to relax and stretch the muscles using intense strokes. Ideal to relieve all pains and stiffness caused by physical activities.


Duration: 90 min / 60 min

Enjoy a sensation of extremely relaxing four hands massage pampered by two thera-pists while they synchronize their movement and perform this full body massage. Expe-rience the pure indulgence of four hands, slow rhythmic movements induce a state of relaxation so deep that it only be compared to meditation or perhaps … heaven.


Duration: 90 min

A treatment incorporating intensive hot basalt stone massage, placed on key energy points around the body to evoke an aura of warmth. The deep penetrating heat from stones combined with massage techniques enables deep muscle work, improve circula-tion and releases tensions.


Duration: 90 min

Relaxing body wrap with dead sea mud to treat contracture, muscle aches and cervical osteoarthritis followed by a therapeutic massage. Great for stiff neck and cervical ar-thritis. Pain relief and partial resolution of contracture are immediate.


Duration: 30 min

To counter balance our stressed and crazy way of life, this massage relieves the aches and pains, releases tensions and brings an amazing well-being sensation. A real anti-stress treatment.


Duration: 30 min

Soothing massage to relieve tension carried in your head, neck and shoulder. It will stimulates the blood flow and make you feel relaxed.


Duration: 30 minutes

Our blend of botanical extracts, antioxidant vitamins, soothing white tea essence offers a relaxing massage and gentle hydration. This massage will leave you floating on your feet.

Ayurvedic Massages


Duration: 90 min / 60 min

Abhyangam massage is one of the most well-known ayurvedic massage. It improves energy circulation, loosens up joints and muscles, increases vitality and induces deep relaxation. A wave of relaxation floods into your body from the feet to head bringing a deep sense of stillness.


Duration: 90 min

A combination of an effective weight loss therapy, followed by moisturizing Ab-hyangam. Designed to induce perspiration, initiate weight loss, improve skin complex-ion and mobilize toxins. A deep, dry whole body massage using medicated powders which stimulate the hair follicles assisting to break down the body’s excess subcutane-ous fat.


Duratiom: 90 min

Treatment will start with traditional ayurvedic massage with fluid dance like movements over the body to cleanse and open blocked channels and energy. Followed by a deeply relaxing Shirodhara where warm oil flows into the third eye chakra diffusing and melt-ing stress and tension from the mind.


Duration: 30 min

This ayurvedic reflexology therapy is an ancient massage for the sole which focuses on the marma points of the feet and lower legs. Padabhyanga promotes quality sleep, in-creases circulation and energy flow to boost immunity, rejuvenating your entire body.


Duration: 30 min

Shirodhara is an ancient Indian therapy that consists in pouring a warm herbal oil in a slow steady stream on the third eye chakra, through the scalp and into the hair, which has a hypnotic effect on the mind, dissolving tension, releasing stress, harmonizing the body’s energy and inducing a profound sense of relaxation. Experience another level of consciousness…

Asian Traditional Massages:


Duration: 90 min / 60 min

Balinese massage is a luxurious spa treatment and an excellent choice if you want to experience a variety of massage techniques, gentle stretches, acupressure and aroma-therapy oils you will relax and feel spiritually renewed at the same time. A relaxing massage your circulation and yield deep relaxation and wellness.


Duration: 90 min / 60 min

Traditional thai massage was developed by Buddha’s physician more than 2500 years ago in India. For centuries Thai massage was performed by monks as one of the com-ponent of Thai medicine. Thai massage is a dry massage using passive stretching and gentle pressure along energy lines, contributing to a sense of ease and wellbeing. Thai massage stimulates and release tense muscles, reduce stress, improves circulation, in-creases energy and centers mind and body.


Duration: 90 min / 60 min

Massage performed in the privacy of your room.

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