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Savoy Spa treatments are developed with indigenous products that are native to Seychelles and carefully adapted to fit personal tastes and requirements

Everything will be carefully considered at the time of your appointment - from the concentration of the essences, the method of application to the shutter speed of the wraps and the combination of the active ingredients. All ingredients are prepared just before your treatment to achieve maximum benefits.

Subtle and befitting background music, delicate aromatherapy fragrances, lighted candles and the experienced and nurturing hands of our fully trained therapists will help to ease you into a state of total peace and calm. The spa experience of a lifetime is set to begin!


Duration: 120 min

This romantic and exotic experience begins with a footbath. Delicate coconut scrub gently cleans the skin. Relaxing bath with coconut milk, vanilla oil and honey follows it. During this procedure, you will be offered refreshing ice tea with lemongrass and ginger. The treatment finishes with 80-minute couple massage with coconut leaves oil which makes your skin smooth and resilient.


Duration: 100 min

You will feel the bliss and rejuvenation in entire body – from top to toes – after this special ritual with authentic indigenous ingredients. The treatment starts with an application of body scrub with extracts of green tea, rose petals, honey and cinnamon oil. Feel the antioxidant, draining and detoxifying properties of green tea.

Enjoy the candlelit bath in private Spa Suite — the water filled with aromas of green tea, cinnamon oil, ginger and lemongrass. Ritual finishes with a 60-minute relaxing massage with green tea pouches dipped in a warm solution of essential oils. This treatment reduces puffiness, tones the skin, stimulate blood circulation and lymph flow, cleans and regenerates the skin.


Duration: 110 min

Using a scrub is an essential part of any massage and body treatment. It prepares the skin for receiving the active ingredients in the following rituals. Scrub removes dead cells and toxins, improves blood circulation, providing a sense of freshness and lightness.

Scrub used in this treatment manufactured of Seychelles white pure sand and Eucalyptus Staigeriana essential oil. It has anti-inflammatory properties, reduces muscle, joint and nerve pain. A 60-minute massage is following the scrub’s application. The treatment finishes with Fresh Facials.

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