Body Treatments



Duration: 90 min

A comprehensive slimming treatment to reduce the appearance of all types of cellulite. Precisely tailored to each client this treatment begins with an incredible active, self-heating peeling & wrap to slim and smooth the skin. Followed by the rhythmic pressure of slimming massage that your figure will be sculptured and refined. The treatment will end with the application of customized body serum.

* Recommended: a 5-treatment package (daily).


Duration: 90 min

This comprehensive treatment has been specially designed to target: bust, stomach, thighs, arms. Exfoliation, toning peel-off wrap and modelling cream. The skin is more beautiful. Its firm and elasticity are restored. This is unique program combining effectiveness with sensory pleasure.

* Recommended: a 3-treatment package.


Duration: 90 min

Indulge in a personalized sensorial escape! Made-to-pleasure welcome procedure, you will be able to choose your fragrance and the texture of your massage product. Treatment will start with full body exfoliation using sweet & salty scrub, followed by full body massage to feed your mind, body and soul.


Duration: 60 min

A unique protocol inspired by Japanese tradition with Cherry blossom and lotus sensorial escape. Treatment will start with full body peeling using exfoliating gloves, relaxing massage techniques of the entire body and specific reinvigorating modelling of the feet in this nourishing delicately perfumed ritual. An ode to wellbeing, to relaxation and beauty of the body.


Duration: 60 min

A rejuvenating ritual of Orient inspiration with Cinnamon and ginger sensorial escape. This amazing journey will start with oriental spicy scrub, followed by a nourishing modeling of the entire body with warm aromatic poulticies. Sothys invites you on a journey with a fragrance to transport you to another world.


Duration: 30 min

This body scrub prepares the skin to receive other treatments, giving it a unique velvety touch. A tonic exfoliation combining sea salts and sugar leaving it deliciously smooth and soft; and detoxifies and re-mineralizes the skin.


Duration: 30 min

This body scrub prepares the skin to receive other treatments, nourishes the skin, provides softness and comfort. An amazing scrub with ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, orange and tangerine softly cleans and delightfully sublimates the skin. A delectable care leaving the skin delicately perfumed.


Duration: 30 min

Rehydrate your skin with healing aloe vera gel & cooling and softening yogurt. Excel-lent cure for sunburn & heat exhaustion.


Duration: 60 min

A body wrap and face mask mixed with fresh avocado, carrot juice, lime and olive oil, gives the skin a natural whitening with a moisturizing , revitalizing and antioxidant ex-perience, while a head and neck massage with nourishing oils contributes to an overall feeling of total relaxation.


Duration: 30 min

This highly conditioning treatment evolves into an energizing and uplifting scalp mas-sage to alleviate jet lag, restlessness and fatigue. This treatment includes a hair mask and a scalp massage.


Duration: 25 min

Make your spa experience uniquely yours. We can adapt a lot of bath ceremonies: relax-ing, detoxifying, revitalizing, flower bath… Select your bath and enjoy this private mo-ment.


Duration: 110 min

Experience the ancient ritual using Dead Sea Mud and steam. The active ingredients in our full body scrub will prepare the skin before the Dead Sea mud - that is renowned for its purifying benefits - deeply cleanses and reenergises the skin with minerals and micro elements. The pampering is brought to a calm and relaxed close with a full body massage.


Duration: 60 min

Give your back what it deserves with this treatment. Start with invigorating salt scrub to exfoliate your entire back and have gentle steam soften your skin enabling a deep cleansing. Enjoy a detoxifying dead sea mud mask, followed by an application of mois-turizing body cream.

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