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Reisezeit Seychellen: Winter

Whenever you plan to visit Seychelles, white sandy beaches, warm azure ocean and hospitality of locals await you.

The Seychelles archipelago is next to the equator. However, the climate in Seychelles is more tropical than equatorial. It means that season change occurs smooth and almost unnoticeable, average air temperature during a year differs insignificantly. Seychellois distinguish two seasons – the dry with low precipitation and the wet one.

The dry season is winter in Seychelles. It lasts from May until October and characterises with dry and relatively cool (in Seychelles’ terms) weather.

Summer in Seychelles is a wet and hot season, which starts in November and lasts until April.

The average air temperature during a year is about +27°C with relative humidity of 80%.

In comparison with the biggest cities in Europe and the Middle East (London, Berlin, Paris, Moscow, Adu Dhabi) Seychelles got much more precipitations. Although even in dry season Seychelles gets 2-2.5 times more precipitations than in Europe, it can’t spoil your holidays.

Winter Summer
City Avg. precipitation, May-Oct, mm Avg. precipitation, Nov-Apr, mm
Seychelles, Victoria 128 244
London 51 49
Berlin 53 43
Paris 51 42
Moscow 72,5 45
Abu Dhabi 0,5 9

In that case the issue of “When to go to Seychelles” replaced by another one – “What is the purpose of your visit”.

In both cases, information below helps you to find answers on both questions.

Icons show month’s average – precipitation, air and water temperature as long as recommended activities

The first part of the article is about winter in Seychelles.

Seychelles Winter (1).jpeg

The Seychelles winter lasts until October. May is the first month of the winter.

ENG-05-May.Copy (1).jpg

May is one of the sunniest month of a year and the beginning of the warm season with low precipitation. Such weather allows exploring the islands during excursions and adventurous hiking journeys.

Recommended activities:

Sailing, snorkeling, diving, bird-watching (nesting), hiking, and surfing.

Events to pay attention:

May, 25th is Africa Day. In Seychelles, this day celebrates with «FET AFRIK» – a festival of African and Creole culture. During three days, you can find out more about African culture, march with a parade along the streets of Victoria, and enjoy dances and music bands performances.

As many countries around the world Seychelles celebrates the Labour Day in May, 1st.

Miss Seychelles Contest is organized in May annually. The most beautiful Seychellois women are competing for the title and honor to represent the country in Miss World International Contest.

Seychelles Art Council is in charge of Seychelles Art Festival. Local artists, musicians, dancers and chefs get a chance to demonstrate their talents.


June is one of the driest month of a year. Occasional rains can’t spoil your vacation. It is a time when southeast monsoon blows. Ocean is undulating due to wind. That creates perfect conditions for windsurfing and sailing.

Recommended activities:

Sailing, snorkeling, diving, bird-watching (nesting), hiking, surfing.

Events to pay attention:

Constitutional Day (June, 18th) and National Day (June, 29th) are two main national holidays that is celebrated in June.

Classic Music Festival takes place every June. Talented musicians and bands from all over the world demonstrates their musical mastery. Beau Vallon is the main scene where performances occur. Guests of Savoy Seychelles Resort & Spa can feel the atmosphere of the festival swimmingly.


The driest and the coolest month of a year in Seychelles – average air temperature is about +26°C. Due to strong southeast wind ocean waves bring aquatic plants to the shore in the southeast part of the Mahe Island. Beaches in west and northwest of the island are more pleasant for holidays at that time. They are cleaner and protected from the wind (That is the place where Beau Vallon beach and Savoy Seychelles Resort & Spa are).

Recommended activities:

Sailing, snorkeling, diving, bird watching, hiking, surfing.


August is a month when southwest winds blow in all its strength. Wind speed reaches 43 km/h at its peak. The ocean becomes turbulent. It is not recommended to sail out the ocean unless you are skilled sportsmen or under professional guidance — however, the same time Beau Vallon protected from the wind. It provides a relatively calm ocean for enjoyable family holidays.

Recommended activities:

Sailing, snorkeling, diving, bird watching, hiking, surfing.

Events to pay attention:

Feast of the Assumption of Mary. La Digue Island is the center of its celebration in Seychelles. During three days in August, there are a lot of different events – marches, holy services and other dedicated events – bicycle races, masquerade, sport and cultural contests (arts, dances, etc.)


The wind in September is calmer, air is warmer, and sun is hotter, but more precipitation than in dry July and August.

Recommended activities:

Sailing, snorkeling, diving, bird watching, hiking, and surfing.

Events to pay attention:

Inspired by the success of Mahe International Carnival inhabitants of Praslin Island have organised their own Festival of Culinary and Arts, which lasts three days in September.

There are many water competitions and events on Beau Vallon gulf at the end of August and the beginning of September – regatas, open water swim event, etc. Such activity leads to high demand on hotels located in that part of the island. To feel the spirit of competition and to take part in it we can recommend you to plan your vacation ahead.

160 rooms and suites of Savoy Seychelles Resort & Spa are at your service.

Windsurfing Race is another widely covered sports event that take place on Mahe Island. All surfers should sail about 15 km – the distance from Mahe to Praslin Islands.


The dry season is almost over. There is rain belt coming from north. Wind weakens.

Recommended activities:

Fishing, sailing, snorkeling, diving, bird watching (migration).

Events to pay attention:

October is the very month when Creole Festival takes place. It is the most popular and widely celebrated event in Seychelles. It lasts six days and has its purpose protection and preservation of traditions of Creole culture. These days every corner of the island is filled with different events, which demonstrates Creole’s rich cultural heritage. The festival comprised theatrical performances, dancing marathons and parades. As part of the event on Sunday everyone can enjoy the Family Sunday on Beau Vallon filled with Creole tunes, foods and drinks.

Enjoy your holidays!

It is considered that November is the first month of summer in Seychelles – hot and wet season. Follow the link to find out more about that period and different activities and events that take place at that time.

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