Victoria. Die Hauptstadt der Seychellen

Victoria is at the top of the list of the best capitals all over the world. It is the largest settlement and the only city in the Seychelles, but the smallest capital in the world.

Slow movement culture rules here – local people are relaxed and peaceful with its tranquil and serene atmosphere which attracts tourists to the islands.

Victoria is located on Mahe – the largest island in Seychelles. Unlike modern cities, Victoria is covered with greenery and surrounded by dense tropical forests.


Interesting facts about the Capital

- The City was named after Queen Victoria of Great Britain in 1841.

- The population is about 26 000.

- Total area of the city is only 20,1 km².

Locals mostly go by bus and bicycle. These means of transport are the cheapest but you can easily rent a car at the airport and get to the remote beaches and secluded corners of the city with comfort


Victoria sights

Beau Vallon is the famous beach located not far from Victoria. This gorgeous ribbon of white soft sand is an ideal venue for beach lovers. Plus it is famous for its excellent diving and snorkeling opportunities. Beau Vallon beach is also a home for Savoy Seychelles Resort & Spa – hotel with the largest pool on Mahe island.


Most of the tourists spend their time on the beach, but there are many interesting things in Victoria. For example, shopaholics will appreciate Market Street, where you can buy clothing, souvenirs and spices. The largest Seychelles market – Sir Selwyn Clarke Market – is also situated here, a busy, vibrant colouful spectrum.

Clock Tower, better known as “Little Big Ben” due to replica in London, is a symbol of colonial British Rule of the past. Don`t forget to take some pictures of it!


Another place of interested which is appreciated by photographers is the Arul Mihu Navasakthi Vinayagar. This brightly coloured Temple open to the public with its intrinsic decorated roof is a place of worship for Hindus living in Seychelles.


The main and the largest Catholic Church in Seychelles - Cathedral of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception. This beautiful and elegant building can be called the one of the most impressive in the Seychelles.

At the “Arts and Craft” Centre on Francis Rachel Street guests are invited to take part in workshops. You can buy exclusive souvenirs made of palm leaf, bamboo or coconut. Art admirers should also visit the “Craft Village” located outside of Victoria on the east coast of Mahe island. This venue is dedicated to preserving and sharing Seychelles history, culture and traditions.

Visit Victoria’s Botanical Garden which is a diminutive Eden of endemic flora and fauna including famous giant tortoises. Some of them are more than 200 years old!


Must Do in Victoria

1. Taste local Creole cuisine

2. Take a photo of the “Little Big Ben”

3. Enjoy the national flavors of the local markets

4. Circumnavigate the city in a day on foot or on a bike

5. Take part in a workshop and learn how to make a coconut palm hat

Have a nice journey!

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