Step into Sothys and Feel the Digi-Esthetique Difference

Date Posted: 03/11/2016

Step into another dimension with Sothys’ Digi-Esthetique – an exclusive massage method from Savoy Seychelles that will invigorate your senses and leave you feeling positively euphoric.

Savoy step into sothys infographic

What is Digi-Esthetique?

Digi-Esthetique® is an exclusive global massage method developed by Sothys that has been specially developed to maximise the effects of the accompanying treatments - by assimilating the active ingredients.

Facial Treatments

Hydradvance Intensive Treatment

Perfect after a long full day at the beach, this treatment uses an exclusive patented active ingredient that is greatly enhanced by Digi-Esthetique’s manual modelling method.

Its hydrating powers will leave you with an immediate and lasting effect that will be noticeable for days.

De-Stressing and Detoxifying Men’s Treatment

Re-energise and detoxify the skin with this lavish treatment that is specifically tailored to the male skin. A concentrated treatment with a plethora of multi-benefit agents; it will moisturise, tone and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Body Treatments

Delicious Scrub

As the prelude to Digi-Esthetique’s other full body treatments, this promises to nourish your skin – leaving you feeling totally refreshed and revitalised.

For truly invigorating results; the scrub embodies ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, orange and tangerine.


Experience the ancient art of beauty with this relaxing and enchanting body ritual – inspired by the Japanese tradition, this treatment incorporates the application of warm exfoliating cream with natural cherry blossom and rice powder.

Digi-Esthetique lies at the very heart of Sothys, which focuses each treatment on healing the body and mind.

We are a Seychelles spa resort that specialises in exclusive treatments for your overall wellbeing. Savoy Resort & Spa… for the ultimate spa experience.