Carnival International de Victoria

Date Posted: 09/02/2018

  This year’s vibrant and colourful Carnival International de Victoria is scheduled for October. A major annual event, it brings many nations together to enjoy the flamboyant festival of multi-cultural music, dance and entertainment. The carnival is a myriad of vibrant colours, pulsing music, amazing costumes and fascinating characters, bringing spectators and participants together in an amazing spectacle of excitement and unity. Since its launch in 2011, the carnival has become one of the most popular events in the world, dubbed the "carnival of carnivals".

victoria carnival dancers  

Participating nations

International delegations from China, Brazil, Indonesia, Cambodia, the UK, Germany, South Africa, Italy, Zambia, Kenya, Spain, Swaziland, Bahamas, Sweden, Cote d'Ivoire, Russia, Morocco, Reunion Island and Mauritius will join local participants at this year's event. Past attendees of the international event have included dignitaries from participating nations, including Seychelles' president, James Michel; Swaziland’s principal princess, Sikhanyiso Dlamini; and Ghanaian king of the Ashanti people, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II. The carnival celebrates Seychelles' rich cultural diversity and was inspired by an idea from the Indian Ocean Vanilla Islands that suggested that each member should organise their own distinct cultural event. The three-day fiesta has the theme, "Bringing the world to Seychelles" and it will undoubtedly make the islands the focal point of the globe.

victoria carnival performers    

Parade of floats

More than 50 colourful floats, both local and international, will create a spectacular parade and spectators basking in Seychelles' glorious sunshine will marvel and rejoice in the multi-cultural spectacle. There will also be a host of other fun activities and events on the island of Mahé, as locals and visitors prove that Seychelles is a model of harmony and diversity. The nation's capital of Victoria will be buzzing, as preparations for the carnival begin and the grand opening ceremony signals the start of three days of partying for locals and visitors alike. Seychelles is a finely-tuned blend of many ethnicities, with different cultures, customs and ways of life. Yet throughout its history, it has continued to be a peaceful, vibrant and diverse region, with each culture accepting and even embracing the beliefs and values of each other. This resplendent amalgamation creates a colourful and harmonious destination for visitors. It seems fitting that the Carnival International de Victoria should take place in this beautiful location, bringing together representatives from some of the best carnivals across the world to take part in the three-day celebration of culture.

victoria carnival floa  

Peace and harmony

Widespread international press coverage is expected for this year's colourful event, which is sure to be a crowd-puller, as it brings the lively ambience of international carnival time to the islands. The opening ceremony is traditionally broadcast live on national television, when it will promote its message of peace and total harmony regardless of religious, racial and political differences. Visitors who are planning to attend the carnival will be able to stay in the luxury of the finest Seychelles beach resort. Located on Beau Vallon beach, the five-star Savoy Resort and Spa provides top of the range facilities and second-to-none customer service. You will be assured of the holiday (and carnival) of a lifetime!