Underwater Adventure

Explore the coral reefs to find hundreds of different marine species


Seychelles is abundant with unbelievably beautiful beaches. Some of them are in the TOP-50 of the best beaches of the planet. Anse Lazio beach on Praslin Island is on the 3rd place.

Another beach of Seychelles – Anse Source D’Argent on La Digue – took the 26th position.

You should use the services of specialized companies to see these and other beaches on the islands and to reach the places to snorkel and diving.

You can snorkel almost in every area of the Seychelles. There are couple of excel-lent sites for snorkeling not far from the hotel. One of them is Anse Major – a small bay in northern part of the Mahe Island. You can reach it by foot hiking through the forest about an hour or by taxi from Beau Vallon. Reef Anse Major consist of good preserved corals where many different fishes are hiding – blue-spotted grouper, the green bird-mouth wrasse, the white-spotted boxfish, or young specimen of several species of moray eels hidden in the crevice.

Ste. Anne Marine Park – another nice place to snorkel – is about 5 km on boat from the capital city of Seychelles, Victoria. Among the sea grass you can see big sea turtles. Many fishes will swim right beside you. The fishing is forbidden there so you can observe all this sea world at your hand. A huge amount of plankton attracts big manta rays into these waters from April to December.

You can dive with aqualung for a deep sea adventure. There are several diving companies near the hotel. You can decide for yourself what you want to see – fishes, corals or shipwrecks. The latter is in abundance around the Seychelles.
 Shipwreck Diving in Seychelles 
One of the oldest recorded shipwrecks in Seychelles' waters was a vessel named L’Heureux, which sank off the notorious south bank of Providence Island – part of the Providence Atoll - in 1763. All crew members survived but the ship was said to be car-rying around 250,000 gold peso coins… and these have yet to be discovered some 250+ years later!

Another well-documented shipwreck was the SS Doh, which had been chartered from the Comoros Islands to bring mail to Seychelles in the 1870s. The ship sank off Alphonse in 1874 - it was also carrying a large amount of money. The vessel remained intact and the cargo of coins was recovered soon after she sank.

Who knows maybe you will find one of the lost gold coins.

The duration of your trip also depends on your wishes what you want to see. Please make your reservation in advance.

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