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Seychelles, with its snow-white sand, Indian Ocean wave sounds and swaying palms, reminder of the romantic scenes from certain Hollywood movies. That`s why lovebirds from all over the world dream of spending memorable happy time there, considered to be one of the most exclusive wedding destinations along with a fabulous honeymoon in the tropics after the very special ceremony of a dream marriage.

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Symbolic or official wedding ceremonies

The wedding ceremony can be performed both symbolically and officially. In the latter case, the newlyweds receive a stamp in their passport and a Seychelles marriage certificate. Regardless of the ceremony type, this moment will be remembered for a lifetime.

Most often, the venue for the ceremony is the ocean beach or a tropical garden nearby. Moreover, you can have the wedding at the hotel.

The most popular islands for joining two hearts in love are Mahe, La Digue and Praslin, where couple can get married officially. The ceremony may also be held on the other wonderful Seychelles islands by agreement. Some of them are uninhabited, so lovebirds will fully enjoy holiday in naturally romantic surroundings of pristine beaches and silent attendance.

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Documents required for civil marriage in Seychelles

• Copies of birth certificates of both spouses
• Copies of a passport
• Certificate of divorce and surname change (if there are marriages earlier)
• Consent from parents (if one of the spouses is not 18 years old)

Copies of the documents must be in English, notarized and attached to the originals. In the case of remote filing, copies must be sent to Seychelles by delivery service or by e-mail. The minimum period for submitting papers is 21 days before the expected date.
To marry, the bride and the groom must go to the local Civil Status registry office and leave a record in the registration book in the presence of two witnesses.

Perfect time for getting married in Seychelles

Seychelles can boast warm and sunny weather all year round. However, it is better to choose a dry season so that the rain does not overshadow the ceremony. These are the periods from February to May and from October to December.

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Tropical style wedding

Wedding in a tropical paradise makes its own adjustments to the image of the bride and groom. The long fluffy dresses of the bride are replaced by airy ones, while the groom's business suit - by light pants or even shorts. In such clothes you`ll be free to pose for a photo shoot, so the pictures turn out more lively and naturally looking.

In Seychelles, you can look at the bride’s traditional accessory - a bouquet - in a different way. It is vibrant bright tropical flowers instead of classical ones with intense scent. In some cases, bouquets are made up of the treasures of the sea bottom- shells, stars, corals. It turns out an amazing composition! If the bride and groom are still adherents of classical traditions, it is worth choosing an ordinary bouquet with flowers that tolerate the heat well.

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Wedding services in Seychelles

On the wedding day you should only enjoy each other and the beauty of the Seychelles paradise. At Savoy Seychelles Resort & Spa, we take care of all the bureaucratic details and make sure that everything is ready on your big day. You can completely entrust us with the very special event: decorating the registration area, formal ceremony, photographing, arranging a romantic dinner on the beach. We offer a choice of three popular styles for organizing a wedding ceremony: western, tropics and in the spirit of Creole traditions. However, if future newlyweds have decided on some other style, we are open to discuss the details how we can set it up in a perfect way.

Consider the concept of the wedding in advance: depending on the theme, the appropriate accessories are selected for the bride and groom.

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Wedding services include:

• Photo / video
• Wedding dress rental
• Personal services
• Makeup and hairdressing services
• Boutonnieres for guests
• Hawaiian garlands for guests
• Scenery for the wedding ceremony.

Savoy Seychelles Resort & Spa offers special wedding packages. Besides, after the celebration, you can stay at the hotel, taking advantage of the special offer for the honeymooners.

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