Why choose a Wedding in Seychelles

Date Posted: 26/06/2016
Why choose a wedding in Seychelles infographic

Oh, the beach… you have arrived in paradise! Listen to the sound of the waves as they whisper to the glittering white sands… watch as they go back and forth, back and forth - translucently turquoise, hypnotically harmonious. Sea salt laced with a hint of cinnamon floats on the warm and soothing tropical breeze… Seychelles is so tantalisingly tempting!

Eliminate the Stress

Simple and spontaneous, beach weddings are perfect for alleviating stress. There is no need to worry about the church booking, the location is to die for so the photos are going to be just perfect, the sun will be shining so everyone is sure to be in the best of spirits and you can have so much fun with the wedding theme… shall I go on?

Cost Effective Choice

Easier and so much fun to organise, beach weddings needn’t cost the earth:

  • You don’t have to pay site fees
  • You don’t need fancy and overpriced decorations (Mother Nature will take care of most of that for you)
  • Your wedding attire can be simple and comfortable
  • The attendant’s dresses can be more informal and affordable
  • There will likely be fewer guests, so the occasion will be more intimate

Truly Exceptional

With the freedom to personalise your wedding, you can have everything exactly as you would like it… in Paradise!

Pure and simple, a beach wedding in Seychelles is beautiful, romantic and effortlessly convenient. Life’s a beach!