Weddings in Tropical Climates

Date Posted: 28/07/2016

I am sure tropical islands are purpose-built for memorable once in a lifetime experiences…! For the most perfect wedding day buzz, you should head for Seychelles!

A wedding in Seychelles is sure to grant your every nuptial wish! As the icing on the perfect wedding day cake, Savoy Resort & Spa has a team of professionals to assist you with everything down to the finest matrimonial detail:

savoy seychelles weddings in tropical climates infographic

Backup Indoor Location

Of course you would like the full beach wedding works to be held on the talcum powder sands and in the full glory of the Seychelles’ sun – but a plan B is always wise! The weather is out of everyone’s hands so an alternative indoor venue will be organised on your behalf. N.B. although this service is given at no extra charge, by booking an outdoor venue you are agreeing to this backup option with no recourse to the property.

Wedding Weather Forecasts

Even the Sun needs a day off sometimes! During your stay, we would strongly suggest that you remain flexible with your actual wedding date. We have a Wedding Director who will happily discuss the weather forecasts with you and propose a more suitable date when necessary.

Right To Change

You will always have the right to change some of the wedding details! You may change your venue and add any additional element to your wedding day plans. All our efforts will be concentrated into organising the Perfect Day before you arrive; after all, there is so much more for you to enjoy at Savoy Resort & Spa!

Rain or shine, one thing is an absolute cert… Savoy Resort and Spa hosts the most magnificently splendid wedding bashes! Smile; you’re in Paradise.