Weddings at Savoy Seychelles

Date Posted: 18/04/2016
Savoy Weddings at Savoy Seychelles

We are committed to making your Big Day the most magical experience of your life. With that in mind, Weddings at Savoy Seychelles come with plenty of extras:

  • Decorative ice sculptures
  • Ice sculptures are skilfully arranged to decorate foods, particularly cold foods such as seafood or sorbets. Popular wedding ice sculptures include hearts, doves and swans.

  • Flower arch and stands
  • The wedding arch is more common to outdoor ceremonies. Intended as a representation of the future home of the bride and groom with their children, arches and stands are usually made of metal or wood and decorated with floral arrangements.

  • Traditional garlands and corsages
  • Did you know that the ancient Greeks used to wear flowers at wedding ceremonies because they thought that the scent would ward off evil spirits? Widely used, corsages and garlands symbolise contentment, enthusiasm and exquisiteness.

  • Guest books
  • Hundreds of years ago, a wedding guest book bore witness to those in attendance to the covenant of marriage. Guests would sign their names as a testimony to the authenticity of the marriage.

  • Multi-tiered wedding cake
  • Back in Roman times, a cake was crumbled over the bride’s head to provide good luck. The wedding cake represents good fortune and fertility and it is supposed to bring luck to everyone who indulges.