Wedding Theme Ideas: Get your Inspiration from Seychelles' Flora & Fauna

Date Posted: 06/03/2017
savoy wedding theme ideas infographic    

Every girl dreams of the perfect wedding day - an ideal setting, the statement dress and a matrimonial colour scheme befitting of a fairy tale… Seychelles sure is a sight for sore eyes!

From the lush green tropical backdrop to the soothingly seductive crystal clear waters; our island paradise promises to host a wedding day fit for a princess!

So, let’s get the ball rolling with the colour scheme and what better influences to take from than the island’s Flora and Fauna?


Seychelles’ Fody

  • Saddle Brown
  • Peru
  • Light Grey
  • Dark Olive Green
  • Dark Sea Green
Why this works:

The perfect combination of natural earthy tones, a Fody themed wedding emanates an 'at one with the nature' feel. Just as musical as this songbird itself; you can use a sweet sonata to really set the romance alight.


Seychelles’ Tortoise

  • Teal
  • Light Sea Green
  • Silver
  • Cadet Blue
  • Black
Why this works:

Shades of blue are cool and relaxing. Inspired by Seychelles' tortoise, this colour is ideal for beach weddings that look out over the turquoise ocean waters. Blue works well for intimate weddings with family and close friends.


Seychelles’ Gecko

  • Dark Green
  • Forest Green
  • Rosy Brown
  • Grey
  • Light Slate Grey
Why this works:

Be inspired by this intriguing little creature and achieve a striking balance of soft greys and browns with this Gecko theme - the colours will speak for themselves!


Seychelles’ Hibiscus

  • Medium Violet Red
  • Plum
  • Dark Slate Grey
  • Orchid
  • White
Why this works:

For the ultimate in femininity, nothing works better than a vibrant palette of purples. Representing luxury, this sensual hue can be blended with pinks for a truly striking look.


Seychelles’ Tropical Flowers

  • Coral
  • Sandy Brown
  • Forest Green
  • Linen
  • Dark Olive Green
Why this works:

Outstandingly beautiful by nature, a tropical flower inspired wedding knocks on the door of tradition. Fresh and exciting, the effervescent colour explosion is truly perfect for outdoor summer weddings on the beach!


Once you have settled on your colour scheme… well, that's one headache ticked off your list! Let the rest fall into place when you choose Savoy Resort & Spa for your wedding in Seychelles.