Unique Island-Wedding Invitation Ideas

Date Posted: 26/04/2016

The real fun starts when you begin selecting the perfect invitation to complement your wedding! Get your guests involved in the excitement of what’s to come with an invitation befitting of the Big Day:

Seashell Theme

This theme will prepare guests for your beach wedding in Seychelles; they will instantly feel excited with the thought of joining you on the beach:

seashell wedding invitation.jpg

  1. The seashell is connected to love and fertility
  2. Seashells represent peace and harmony because of their relationship with water
  3. Seashell resonance involves the seashell capturing and amplifying the sound of the rolling waves of the ocean

Starfish Theme

The starfish theme is great for beach décor, beach weddings, crafts, table ornaments, window decorating and many more. It’s a real showstopper!The different meanings and symbolisms of a starfish include:

starfish wedding invitation.jpg

  1. Regeneration and growth
  2. The starfish imparts how to live life with confidence, intellect, bravery and happiness
  3. The tentacles of a starfish imply that you would like to reach out and experience whatever life has to offer
  4. Its shape symbolises the five elements – earth, air, fire, water and spirit – which signify the exchange of energy around us

The starfish wedding invitation theme should be as creative as possible, portraying a true representation of the love you share for one another.

The Seahorse Theme (Simple Design)

seahorse theme wedding invitation.jpg

A simple design, a seahorse themed invitation represents:

  1. Patience, friendliness, protection, inflexibility, perspective, generosity/sharing, high-perception, persistence and contentment
  2. The seahorse is seemingly content to roam the seas, which makes it a moderately calm and gentle creature; it represents calm and kindness in a person
  3. The body of the seahorse is a symbol of patience and contentment; they are happy to be where they are and they are in no hurry for advancement

A simplistic design will often have the greatest impact – extravagance can sometimes overshoot the mark. If you don’t like the seahorse idea maybe a dolphin, sea turtle or clown fish would be more in keeping with your chosen theme – it’s your choice!

These are just a few simple invitation ideas for you to mull over. Remember, the idyllic Seychelles setting is sure to be a big hit with all of your guests, so you don’t need to go overboard.

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