Ultimate Checklist: Planning Your Dream Wedding in Seychelles

Date Posted: 13/05/2016

So you got engaged… what now?

You want to hold your wedding in Seychelles... okay. You want a specially designed dress… alright. What you really want is some help preparing everything for the Big Day.

wedding planning in seychelles ultimate checklist infographic

Planning your dream wedding isn’t easy, especially if you’re doing it in a foreign land like Seychelles. A wedding in Seychelles is the event of a lifetime that needs effort and careful planning to pull it off. This checklist will help you to breeze through your Seychelles wedding preparations:


While some are willing to spend lavishly, others prefer to keep costs to a minimum where possible. Whatever your budget, make sure you stick to it in order to avoid debt and financial stress at the start of your married life.

Savoy Resort & Spa offers a complete wedding ceremony package that includes registration, venue, wedding cake, snacks and many more.

Guest List

Create a final list of the guests you are planning to invite. This will help to determine how large your venue should be and how much food you should have prepared. Make sure you allow for a few extras in case your guests bring along a companion.

If you are planning to enjoy your wedding in Seychelles, you should also inform your guests about the island, especially regarding the tourist regulations.

Date & Venue

If you want your wedding to go without a hitch, then better book your desired date and venue as early as possible. You don’t want to be competing with anyone for the same date!

Savoy Resort & Spa welcomes advance bookings. We recommend that you start the ceremony at around 5:00 p.m. – just in time for the magnificent Seychelles sunset.

Dresses & Suits

Have fun picking the wedding outfits including the bridesmaids’ dresses and suits for the groomsmen! Make sure everyone is happy with the size and fit... you don’t want anyone feeling uncomfortable during the celebrations.

Since Seychelles is an island and most weddings are held on the beach, light materials are recommended.


Design the invitations in line with the theme of your wedding. Make sure you have the correct number and that all of the details are complete.

You could go for beach-themed invitations just to give your guests an idea of what they might expect at your wedding.

Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes own the spotlight, so make sure yours is decorated to your liking. Be clear on the specific design, height and taste to ensure that your expectations can be met.

Savoy Resort & Spa includes multi-tiered wedding cakes in our wedding packages.

Hair & Make-up Artist

Hair and make-up artists do get fully booked, so make sure you schedule them in as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Let them know how many people to expect and inform them of the time that you need to be ready by.

Light makeup and simple hairstyles are recommended for weddings in Seychelles.

Wedding Rings

Don’t forget to purchase the wedding rings. Why not make them extra special with a personalised engraving?

Savoy Resort & Spa recommends that the “Ring Exchange” should take place at around 5:45 p.m. This is the perfect time to enjoy the full splendour of the Seychelles sunset.

Marriage Certificate

Check all the requirements and prepare every document before claiming. This may take months to complete depending on the process, so make sure this is prioritised.

The wedding package at Savoy Resort & Spa includes the registration and marriage certificate. The bride and groom will simply need to present their valid passports and birth certificates.