Tropical Dishes that You Can Enjoy at Savoy Seychelles

Date Posted: 08/08/2016

For locally sourced produce that is whipped up in a torrent of culinary expertise, tempt those taste buds with the Seychellois dish of the day! When in Rome… or in the Seychelles!

tropical dishes that you can enjoy at savoy seychelles

Creole Seafood Soup (Grand Savoy)

Make your day even hotter by trying Grand Savoy’s seafood soup! Using only the finest ingredients — fresh seafood and Creole spices — you can experience the Seychelles right on the tip of your tongue. This soup is served with garlic bread and potato mousseline.

Creole Octopus Salad (Pescado)

As one of the easiest dishes to prepare, this local speciality is made with fresh octopus (you can eat it raw or have it cooked in coconut oil), tomatoes, onion relish and spicy mayonnaise. To make it even more tropical, it is served with cassava fries!

Creole Beef Stew (Grand Savoy)

A true metaphor of the Seychellois culture, our stew is a combination of different spices and beef that are slow cooked to perfection. To balance out the flavour, it is served with papaya chutney and boiled potato.

Spicy Half Shell Mussels (Gecko)

Mussels are one of the most nutritious shellfish and the Seychelles has an abundant supply. Enjoy this tropical dish with a twist! Served with garlic rosemary focaccia toast and fresh tomato, this is topped off with a bell pepper tangy sauce with white wine reduction… ooh, I can almost taste it from here!

Creole Chicken Quesadillas (Gecko)

Enjoy Mexican and Creole cuisines in one dish with our Creole Chicken Quesadillas. Grilled chicken is marinated in a special sauce; served with baked quesadillas, cheddar cheese and fresh Creole salad.

This is just a quick preview - choose Savoy Resort & Spa for your Seychelles holiday and taste the real Seychelles… we aim to please!