Things to consider for your Beach Wedding in Seychelles

Date Posted: 19/05/2016

A Wedding in Seychelles is an unforgettable experience with an abundance of options. Beach weddings are cheaper compared to their traditional counterparts and as a practical yet stylish solution, they can make the event a lot more fun for everyone! To ensure the Big Day goes without a hitch, here are some things to consider when planning your beach wedding:

1. Daytime Ceremony

The Ocean makes the most beautiful backdrop, as the morning skies tempt you onto the talcum powder sands.

On the other hand, what could be more romantic than a wedding service at sunset? As the balmy terracotta skies burn into the night and the tranquil ocean waters whisper their final goodnights, you can exchange vows in the true magic of a perfect Seychelles’ moment; just be mindful of the failing light!

For a daytime ceremony you would be wise to consider the following:

  • Use sunblock. You don’t want to suffer with sunburn on your wedding day.
  • Choose your wedding flowers wisely. Don’t pick flowers that can’t cope with the heat; orchids or calla lilies are a reliable option.

2. Have a Backup Plan

It’s not just the rain that you should be worried about – you should also consider the wind! Windy afternoons and evenings are hard to predict. Don’t forget to learn about the typical weather patterns for your specific destination. A backup plan is a must! Reserve an alternative location for the ceremony in case the wind is too extreme. Just to be sure, try and reserve an area that will work for your wedding in Seychelles, whatever the weather.

3. Accessibility

It is romantic to get married on the beach. Imagine feeling the soft, warm sand between your toes as the tropical sunshine graces the clear blue skies; but is the wedding venue accessible to your guests? You should always be sensitive to their needs. Think about your grandparents, the children… will they be expected to stand for the vows or will there be somewhere for them to sit? Consider every detail so that everybody can savour the day.


To be honest, a beach wedding in Seychelles has got to be a sure-fire winner with everybody - halcyon days, indeed!