The Tourist and the Traveller

Date Posted: 30/03/2017

Have you ever considered yourself a ‘tourist’? Maybe you are more of a ‘traveller’? How do you actually distinguish between the two? Although both can be regarded as similar in nature, how you define yourself can help you to figure out which kind of holiday best suits your purpose and personality.

Here are some of the most arguable differences between a tourist and a traveller:

The Tourist

the tourist

When the word ‘tourist’ gets mentioned, we usually think of people in large groups with cameras around their necks and guidebooks or maps in their hands. Their sole purpose of going on a trip is for, well, touring. People who go on tours typically just want to see the sights and a whole new part of the world that they have never explored before.

Packing for a Trip

Most of the time, ‘tourists’ will use the allocated baggage weight to the max for each trip - to make sure that they don’t leave anything behind… I am beginning to consider myself a tourist!


A travel agent usually completes the itinerary for them. These tours can be time restricted and you cannot just leave to wander off.

Travelling Style

Tourists travel mostly in tour buses or vans and you may see them in large groups. They normally go to places that are popularly visited such as historical attractions, aquariums and theme parks.

The Traveller

the traveller

A traveller is after the ‘adventurous’ side of the trip. Most travellers want to experience the local culture. They try to study the area before they travel and they often visit places that are less tourist-y to get a deeper experience from the locals themselves… or maybe I’m a traveller, after all!

Packing for a Trip

Travellers have this amazing ability of making everything they need fit into one small rucksack – like it’s the Tardis! Travellers always pack light as they are always on the go, hopping from one place to another.


Travellers usually make their own itinerary – for they love to wander off and ‘explore’ on their own.

Travelling Style

Although the company of a few friends wouldn’t hurt, travellers prefer to travel alone. They roam around in places that tourists are rarely seen; and most of the time, they can be mistaken for locals due to their ‘natural blending’ ability.

seychelles beach

There is a really fine line between a traveller and a tourist, for most of us have a little of both inside us! Seychelles will surely bring out the best of both worlds – with the right balance of adventure and relaxation, what else could you possibly ask for?

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