The Seychelles’ Leisure Adventures: Helicopter Safety Tips

Date Posted: 20/02/2017

As terrifying as it might seem, a helicopter ride can be a fun and exciting experience, especially if you are planning to try the Helicopter Scenic Flights tour - you are in for a thrilling adventure that you will never forget!

Just imagine; Seychelles’ rich landscape, subliminal turquoise waters and all that magnificent tropical splendour literally just beneath your feet… oh, I can’t wait!!


The helicopter tour services are all set but before you fly, here are some safety tips you should keep in mind:

Watch the Rotors

Approach the helicopter only when the pilot has signalled you to do so - never come from the rear as he will not be able to see you. Slowly walk to the helicopter in a crouched position to allow extra space between you and the rotors.

Listen to the Pilot

The pilot will tell you specifically when to enter and exit the helicopter. You must listen to his instructions – he will tell you when to buckle your seat belt after boarding but you need not be too restricted when you are strapped in. Pilots will usually be accommodating enough to let you move around or stay in your seat.

Be Mindful of Your Belongings

Secure your personal belongings and other lightweight accessories, as potentially they could be blown out of the helicopter. Let go of any items that are about to fly out of your hands – you will only injure yourself if you try to chase anything.

Exit Safely

Always follow the pilot’s instructions and signals, then exit the helicopter slowly to avoid any sudden movements.


Other important tips…

What to Wear/Take

Anything that makes you feel comfortable: loose dress/shirts, sunglasses, camera or camera phone. Don’t worry too much about the temperature when you are up in the air because it will remain pretty stable throughout your helicopter experience. Obviously, you should wear a jumper if it happens to be cooler on the day of your flight.

“Is it scary?”

Of course not! Professionalism personified, Seychelles helicopter tour services are of the highest standard and they take your safety very seriously. The pilot will help you to relax as the aircraft takes off. Pretty soon all your phobias will disappear, as you begin to lose yourself in the scenic glory of the archipelago!

Turbulence maybe?

A helicopter ride is not the same as a trip in an aeroplane. Helicopters brush off any type of turbulence due to their sleek bodies and flexible blades. We will not even let you fly if the pilot senses that bad weather is on the horizon - or anything else that might affect flying conditions.

“I cannot hear what you are saying!”

We have already thought about the noise issues! You will be equipped with a pair of noise cancelling headsets. The pilot will continue to communicate with you throughout the flight and you will be able to talk and share a laugh with him.


As one of the most distinguished Seychelles Resorts, Savoy Resort & Spa will be happy to help you organise a helicopter tour to remember – up, up and away!