The Mahé Tour Escapades: Experience the Seychellois Culture

Date Posted: 09/11/2016
The Mahé Tour Escapades

Booked a flight to Seychelles? Then prepare to buckle up, as you take off for your one-of-a-kind adventure!

With lush green vistas, mouthwatering dishes and warm inviting beaches, the islands of Seychelles are truly a sight for sore eyes… you might even be forgiven for thinking that all your Christmases have come at once! So, as you breathe in the warm fragrant air and bask in the tropical glory; it’s time to soak up the Seychellois spirit and start living the dream!

The Seychellois People

You will be assured of a very warm welcome from the Seychellois people, who are a beautiful blend of Créole, French, East African, Malagasy, Indian and Chinese origins.


Seychellois Creole is Seychelles’ official language and is commonly spoken across the archipelago - English and French are also widely used.


Roman Catholicism remains the dominant religion; although Anglican, Protestant and other places of worship can be found on the islands. You will also find Muslim, Hindu and Bahaï communities across the archipelago.


With a wonderful selection of seafood and shellfish dishes as staple, these will often be served with rice and garnished with fresh flowers. Other exotic and speciality dishes are on offer at Savoy.


The Seychellois have a unique and identifiable music genre called Sega. Reflecting the fusion of cultures and time long traditions, it is sometimes used for dirges and traditional rituals.


The Seychellois are big on basketball. Their national team qualified for the 2015 African Games, making it their greatest sports accomplishment to date.


Even though the population is made up of different ethnic groups, everyone rubs along nicely. The Seychellois live simple and casual lives but they are certainly not averse to a party – for every reason possible!

Social Life

Nights are usually quiet on the islands but there are music venues and dance performances you can enjoy. Savoy regularly hosts musical nights where local musicians perform traditional folklore and international music.

Savoy Resort & Spa is a resort to top all Seychelles resorts. So, how do you spell Paradise…? You don’t spell it, you feel it!