Supplementary Services from Savoy Seychelles Spa Hotel

Date Posted: 08/06/2016

Our guests quite rightly have high expectations of us… and we will deliver! So that you may enjoy the full benefits of our treatments, Savoy Seychelles Resort & Spa provides these supplementary services to further support your spa experience:

Savoy Facilities

Embracing the complete health and wellbeing concept, the Savoy Spa features a yoga pavilion and fitness centre. Our spa treatment rooms include:

  • Couple suite rooms
  • Private jacuzzi
  • Single spa rooms

Your private changing area will feature a shower where you can experience aromatherapy and colour therapy. You can also enjoy a Bucket Shower with a living area and an outdoor pool; or our Russian Banya that will detoxify your body and soothe your muscles.

To achieve maximum benefits, unwind and relax during your pre and post-treatment in the comfort and privacy of our facilities.


Savoy Security

A welcoming and approachable service is second nature to us; we are here to deliver a most fulfilling holiday experience to one and all. Leaving no stone unturned, we make sure everything, even the slightest detail, is tickerty boo and as it should be!

Savoy Spa Check-In Assistance

Our receptionists and therapists can recommend the best treatments to suit your preferences.

Book your Spa treatment in advance to save any disappointments - we will do our best to accommodate walk-ins.


Savoy Wellbeing Consultation Card

The Savoy Wellbeing Consultation Card will serve as a guide to our treatments. If you have a known medical condition, do not hesitate to inform the therapist/receptionist. As a healing environment, our primary goal is your comfort and safety.

The only thing better than a relaxing treatment, is a relaxing treatment in one of the finest Seychelles’ spa hotels. Savoy Resort and Spa… there’s no place I’d rather be!