Date Posted: 31/08/2016
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Mahé: the Largest Island in Seychelles

Mahé is the largest island (157.3 km²) of the archipelago and as the gateway to Seychelles it is also the economic and cultural centre of the Inner islands.

Beautiful Granite Rocks

Widely known for its granite rock formations, Seychelles is an array of distinct and fascinating geological jewels in the Indian Ocean crown - they are the only oceanic islands in the world to be formed out of granite.

Beau Vallon: Mahé's Northwest Coast

Admired by tourists and locals alike, Beau Vallon offers an appealing curve of sparkling white sand. With typically calm seas, it is the perfect place to enjoy the challenging water sports; the naturally subdued setting is also an ideal swimming environment for families with small children.

Mahé is an Economic Hub

Mahé is the most prominent island in the whole archipelago of Seychelles and is home to nearly one third of the population – Victoria is the capital of the Republic of Seychelles. With fine dining, clear blue tropical skies and tantalisingly tempting white sandy beaches, Mahé cannot fail to impress.

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