Seychelles Hotels: What do travellers want?

Date Posted: 15/06/2016

Hotels don’t exist purely for temporary accommodation or as a means to a good night’s sleep. Today, people are looking for a place that not only represents a comfortable resting place, they are also seeking a holiday destination that can assure great memories in a truly one of a kind and lavish setting.

Gym or Fitness Centre

More and more people are becoming concerned with their health and fitness, so it is important to offer the necessary facilities; a lot of the Seychelles’ excursions will also get your pulse racing!

Savoy Resort & Spa is furnished with state-of-the art Matrix equipment, with fitness instructors to help you maximise your training potential; they will design the perfect program for your needs and according to your personal fitness level. Sessions will begin with a consultation, followed by a custom designed exercise program that is tailored to your fitness goals and abilities.


Complimentary Internet Access

Offering Wi-Fi to your guests is not a luxury; in this day and age it is a necessity! Savoy Resort & Spa offers complimentary Wi-Fi and LAN Internet access throughout the complex. In a world of Internet savvy people there is a constant need for everyone to stay connected. This is especially important for guests who are away on business, as they will invariably need to check their work emails. For others… well they can share their holiday experiences with their friends and family.


Great Location

Did you know that Seychelles International Airport is just a 25 minute car journey away? A great location plays a major role in the hotel selection process, as most people are on the lookout for easy transportation from their hotel to the most famous and accessible attractions.

Savoy Resort & Spa is a 5-Star Hotel in Seychelles located in Beau Vallon, Mahe Island, Seychelles. Our world-class team will be happy to help plan your itinerary, oraganising trips in and around Mahe and recommending other breathtaking island delights. Savoy Resort and Spa is one of the most prominent beachfront Seychelles’ resorts that basks in its beautiful Island paradise setting:

  • Island: Mahé
  • Location: Beachfront
  • Number of Rooms: 163


Bottom Line Pricing

Prices will always be scrutinised - from booking fees and taxes, to prices and room expenses. Enjoy the holiday of a lifetime for as little as 520 Euros (approx. £412) a night for a double room at Savoy Resort and Spa.


Free Parking

Car parking fees... really? When you’ve paid to stay in premium hotel, additional parking fees are the last thing you want. Savoy Resort & Spa offers free private onsite parking, with no reservations required.


Savoy Resort & Spa is a 5-star beachfront resort in Seychelles. Guaranteeing the ultimate in service and amenities, you will be sure to have the time of your life. Savoy Resort & Spa offers personalised services, free parking, a great location, free Internet access and a state of the art fitness centre… oh, and the most idyllic setting on the planet!