Savoy Seychelles’ Signature Spa Treatments

Date Posted: 11/08/2016

Want to REALLY look and feel like you’ve been on holiday…? As one of the leading spa hotels in Seychelles, Savoy Resort & Spa excels in pampering and relaxing treatment packages that will contribute to your overall wellbeing.

Savoy Seychelles signature spa treatments

Crème de Coco De Mer Couple Indulgence

The star of the show, Coco de Mer is known for its aphrodisiac properties - this 120 minute treatment is ideal for honeymooners and couples who are staying in the Seychelles.

Are you ready for this?

  • Skin exfoliation using gentle coconut scrub
  • Body wrap using a potassium-rich coconut cream with a fresh cocktail of Coco de Mer and other fruits local to the Seychelles
  • A soothing Jacuzzi with honey, vanilla extract and coconut milk - while sipping our Virgin Colada mocktail
  • An 80 minute full-body massage from our professional therapists using organic coconut oil leaves

Savoy Spiced Ritual

Using authentic ingredients that are locally harvested in the Seychelles, this treatment is not just relaxing; it can also tone and revitalise your skin while stimulating your blood circulation – 110 minutes of sheer bliss!

  • Body scrub using indigenous green tea, vanilla beans and a mixture of cinnamon, lemongrass, ginger and mandarin essential oils
  • Candlelight bath in the Savoy private Spa Suite - you will be immerged in cinnamon bark, green tea, ginger and lemongrass essential oils
  • A 60 minute massage using a green tea pouch (the pouch is dipped in warm essential oils to rejuvenate your body)

Beau Vallon Purifying White Sand

Feel the Seychelles on your skin! Using a body scrub made with pure, fine white sand from Paradise itself, our purifying treatment focuses on removing toxins and exfoliating your skin.

  • A body scrub using fine white sand combined with Eucalyptus Staigeriana oil to relieve muscle pain
  • A 50 minute customised massage performed by our expert therapists
  • A fresh facial treatment to reveal your inner glow

We’re not just here to provide excellent accommodation; we’re here to make you feel special! Savoy Resort and Spa…where the finer things in life come as second nature.