Savoy Resort & Spa Offers Specialised Spa & Wellness Options

Date Posted: 25/05/2016

Savoy Resort & Spa promises an unforgettable journey for your mind, body and soul - our large and varied range of spa treatments will surely boost your health and vitality. In our capable hands, your wellbeing is assured.

1. The Spa Concept

Savoy Spa offers a wealth of massages and treatments for you to enjoy - indulging the senses and promoting relaxation. Using Sothys’ invigorating products to enhance your natural beauty, whether you prefer energising, soothing or harmonising treatments we can cater to everyone’s needs.


2. Signature

Our signature massages are based on the individual, featuring fresh and organic native products from Seychelles. Tailored to your exact requirements - from the concentration to the method, the speed of the wraps and the measurement of each ingredient - maximum effects are achieved for your specific needs.


3. Massages

Our spa experience can be brought to the comfort and seclusion of your own room, depending on your preferred location; creating a suitable ambience is essential to the perfect treatment. Peaceful background music will lull you into a state of calm, while aromatherapy candles will fill the air with a soothing bouquet… and relax!


4. Wellness

The Savoy Resort & Spa fitness centre is open 24-hours a day - it is supervised from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm, 7 days a week. Featuring top of the range Matrix equipment, you can maximise your training potential with the help of one of our fitness trainers - an exclusive training program can be designed according to your needs and fitness level.


5. Meditation

Did you know that meditation is our speciality? Our 60 minute traditional meditation is vital to the Savoy ethos. Using techniques that date back to ancient Indian traditions, these can still be successfully applied to modern day living.


Savoy Resort & Spa is one of the best Seychelles’ spa hotels. We are a fresh and pure environment that embraces the idea of your health and wellbeing. Our spa boutique is complemented by Sothys’ products that can be used for home, body and facial care and each health and beauty program is hand crafted to suit your individual needs. Experience the real escape with Savoy Resort & Spa!