Savoy Seychelles’ Yoga Programmes: When Nature and your Wellbeing Collide

Date Posted: 16/08/2016

Whether it’s the scintillating views or a challenging fitness routine; we’ve got it all in spades at Savoy Seychelles.

Be at one with nature, as together we tap into the inner peace of your mind, body and soul. Try the different Yoga programmes at Savoy Seychelles Resort & Spa; we’ve got something for anyone and everyone!

Are you ready to strike a pose?

Hatha Yoga

Do you feel tired all the time? Hatha Yoga is a challenging ritual that is designed to discipline the body - with the following benefits:

  • Revitalised inner core’s energy
  • Improved posture, balance and flexibility
  • Greater self-awareness

Power Yoga

Going to a more adept art of meditation, Power Yoga covers faster and more intense muscle coordination which uses the practice of Bandha or abdominal locks driven to access your centre. The mastering of breathing techniques associated with challenging yoga poses will allow you to acquire these benefits:

  • Stronger stamina and sharp reflexes
  • Advanced core stability
  • Awareness of your body’s own limitations and eventually overcoming them

Couple Yoga

Raise a glass to a stronger self and a solid relationship with Couple Yoga. It deepens the practice by acknowledging your moment of solitude with the only person you would like to share it with. Have fun and spiritually prosper together by achieving these goals:

  • Higher level of communication and understanding
  • Self-confidence as well as encouragement of trust
  • Expression of deeper states as an individual

So now you can mark the ‘relaxing island getaway’ off of your bucket list! Savoy Seychelles hosts a variety of activities that can help you to relax. We wish you an amazing journey towards self-awareness… Namaste!