Make Souvenirs with Memories to Last

Date Posted: 10/03/2017

Weddings are a very special occasion for both the bride and the groom – it’s the day when your family and friends come together to witness an important union in this once in a lifetime event.

It’s sure to be memorable to the bride and groom but a little extra effort to make it memorable to your guests will be truly appreciated - this won’t be the only wedding they will attend, so why not make yours the one they won’t forget?

Wedding souvenirs are one great way to leave an impression in their hearts. For souvenirs that no one will be able to forget in a hurry, take a look at the following tips:

If they won’t use it, they won’t remember it

Go for souvenirs that your guests can use even after the wedding – keeping it in line with your theme. For beach-themed weddings, you may opt for flip flops – they can wear them on the Big Day and then use them again every time they go on holiday. This kind of souvenir is screaming to be used and remembered! Other useful ideas include:

  • Towels
  • Bags
  • Hats
  • Fans

Uniform Wedding Colours

Couples take time to consider everything to ensure their ideal dream wedding. Many design their invitations and keepsakes in line with the theme and a colour scheme is usually observed throughout the entire event.

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Have it Handwritten

Though the bride and groom usually have their hands full as they prepare for the most important day of their lives, going the extra mile will show your guests just how much you care. Writing a personal thank you note together will surely mean the world to all your guests – after all, they all have a special role in your lives.

Location is Everything

The good thing with destination weddings is that you and your guests can have the experience of a lifetime. The memories you can share at your chosen venue is something you will never forget, so you need to choose somewhere that everyone will remember for all the right reasons. You all deserve to celebrate in style and a great location will help to make your wedding day an event to treasure.

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Tell your Story through Photos

Pictures speak a thousand words! just imagine how many wonderful memories can be spoken through pictures with your loved ones in our picturesque location! An official photographer is still the best means to capture all your candid memories on this special day.

Souvenirs don’t need to be grand but try to make sure they are memorable!

Your Wedding in Seychelles will be amazing at Savoy Resort & Spa… and we would be honoured to help you plan a very special day. Let’s be honest, who could possibly forget a wedding at Savoy Seychelles?