Interesting facts about the Western Ceremony

Date Posted: 20/04/2016
Savoy Interesting facts about the Western Ceremony

Did you know that Western marriage traditions date back to as early as Ancient Greek and Roman times? Marriage was more of a legal agreement than a romantic attempt. Women did not marry for love and they generally had no say in the matter; in some cases women didn’t actually meet their grooms until the wedding day!

Here are some ancient wedding traditions that have stood the test of time:

  • Carrying bridal bouquets
  • In ancient times, people bathed once in a blue moon. For that reason, brides would carry a bouquet in an attempt to mask the odour; they were trying to smell good on their special day.

  • Fathers “giving away” their daughters
  • "Wedding" meant the acquisition of a bride for breeding purposes. In years gone by, the groom would pay the bride's father in order to acquire her hand in marriage – that is why it is the father-of-the-bride who "gives away" his daughter.

  • The wedding cake
  • Today, the cake cutting represents the first activity performed as a couple, although historically the bride did this act alone to symbolise the loss of her virginity.

  • The groom flings the bride’s garter
  • It was believed that the man who caught the bride’s garter would enjoy good luck throughout the year.

  • White dresses and veils
  • Still considered as traditional clothing, the colour "white" means purity and virginity, which was thought to ward off evil spirits for centuries.

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