Important Things to Consider When Visiting a Spa

Date Posted: 27/05/2016

As one of the finest Seychelles’ spa hotels, Savoy Resort & Spa understands the total concept; delivering unprecedented customer care coupled with spa technique brilliance. To get the most out of the whole experience, here are some things you should consider before visiting a spa:

1. Learning to communicate is vital

Don’t be shy! Communicating your thoughts and preference to your therapist is vital to the overall enjoyment of your spa visit – they are charged with looking after you. We want to make sure that you are happy during the massaging process, so if you would prefer a male therapist or a female please do not be afraid to ask. Is it too hot or too cold… too rough or too gentle? If anything at all is not as you would like it, you must let your therapist know.

2. Therapists are trained in special draping techniques

Are you shy or bashful…? You can take your clothes off in private or you can keep your underwear on under your robe. If you would prefer to remove all of your clothes during the pampering process, most therapists are trained in draping techniques that only reveal the necessary body parts.


3. Suitability

Savoy Resort & Spa massages can be performed in the privacy of your own room. Did you know that different massage techniques include unique properties and benefits? That’s right! Our massage techniques can be tailored to each client to consider their standard of living and line of work.

You can always seek the knowledge of our therapists, who specialise in various approaches to fulfil your requirements – they will be happy to recommend the most suitable therapy.

hand massage

4. Falling asleep is acceptable

Your body is relaxed and the atmosphere is calm and subdued; before you know it you have drifted off into a peaceful slumber… don’t worry, we will take this as a compliment – the ultimate spa experience will see you totally relaxed and at peace with the world!

For those who have trouble sleeping at night, spa massages can prepare your body to relax; easing the tension, loosening restrained blood flow, releasing muscle and joint pressure and relieving stiffness and soreness. These processes will help you to fall asleep and stay asleep.

5. Precautions are essential

Do you have any allergies or ailments? As a precautionary measure, you would be advised to inform your therapist of any underlying issues.

Savoy Resort & Spa works with Sothys’ products. Rich and invigorating, Sothys guarantees a unique combination of sensorial activities and pleasures for a totally relaxing and out-of-body experience.

Sothys spa products

Savoy Resort & Spa is one of the best spa hotels in Seychelles. Basing our work ethics on delivering total customer satisfaction, the Savoy spa experience will not disappoint.