How to Enjoy Savoy Seychelles All by Yourself

Date Posted: 24/02/2017

Although travelling with your friends is always fun, going solo every once in a while can be the ultimate in self-indulgence – some quiet time alone. To have a date with yourself and forget the exasperating everyday things in life can be very good for the soul!

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What better way to spend some 'me time' than on a tranquil island that sits in the middle of the magical Indian Ocean…? As one of the top Seychelles resorts, Savoy is not just a place for family holidays; we also very much welcome those who fly solo! With amenities and activities that cater to both groups and individuals, there is never a dull moment in Seychelles.

Treat Yourself

Ease your cares away with a soothing massage – the ultimate stress buster! Enjoying a prime location amidst the lush green mountains, Savoy Spa specialises in holistic therapies that will leave you feeling revived and ready for anything. For the ultimate indulgence, an hour of the Deep Tissue Massage will ease body pain and lower blood pressure. Since most of our massages are designed for a single person, you are sure to be treated like royalty.

Feed Your Soul

Yet another compelling relaxation method, you could try our Power Yoga sessions - an hour in our outdoor pavilion can increase your stamina, strength and flexibility. Inducing total peace of mind and restoring focus, you’ll be fighting fit and raring to go in plenty of time for your return flight.

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Live in the Moment

For the thrill seeker, a Helicopter Scenic Flight is surely an experience you will never forget. Up amongst the clouds, you will enjoy a bird’s eye view of the natural beauty that is Seychelles.

Lift Your Mood

Spending money can be very therapeutic and souvenir shopping can include a short social interaction with the natives around the island - you might be surprised how accommodating they are. They will be happy to teach you a little about the Seychellois culture, traditions and history.

Play the Happiness Card

Dance the night away and be entertained by our professional musicians. With different genres of local Seychellois music; who knows, you might even meet that ‘special someone’.

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Slip into the Ocean

Oh, beautiful Beau Vallon beach… the perfect slice of paradise! Wash all your cares and troubles away as you take a dip in the warm and inviting waters. You can marvel the technicolour marine life when you go even deeper with the Blue Sea Divers.

Holiday for one…? A 5 star luxury retreat, Savoy Resort & Spa is a one-of-a-kind resort where you will never feel alone.