Golf in Seychelles

Date Posted: 07/08/2017

Seychelles is one of the most beautiful places in the world for a round of golf. If you enjoy relaxing on the golf course you will be in the most idyllic location, thanks to the warm climate, glorious sunshine and picturesque surroundings of this tropical paradise.


The award-winning Seychelles Golf Club can be found on the east coast of Mahé, at Anse aux Pins. Built in 1980, the unique nine-hole 4,992-yard course enjoys the perfect surroundings, with the fairways bordered by coconut palms, casuarina and takamaka trees.

As part of a wildlife sanctuary, the course is frequented by rare birds, while large red crabs will sometimes scuttle out of the hazards, such as the mangrove marsh, to create a colourful spectacle. In 2003, it won the World Travel Awards' title of the Indian Ocean’s Leading Golf Resort.

Constructed on the site of an old coconut plantation and surrounded by lush green hills, the course is known to be challenging, with some narrow fairways. The holes can be repeated, with different pin positions and tee-boxes played on the same greens. The 308-yard, par four, 17th hole is the course's signature hole. Suitable for golfers of all handicaps, if you're holidaying in Seychelles it provides a great family day out. The clubhouse hosts a bar with television, a pool table and a cafeteria.

The golf club is open all year round, with the warm weather permitting play no matter what the season. It's usually unnecessary to book tee times, except when sponsored competitions are taking place. Golf lessons from a professional can be booked and the clubs can be hired if you don't have your own - visitors can also take part in sponsored competitions, provided they bring a certificate from their home club showing an appropriate handicap.

Seychelles Golf Club launched a golfing sensation. Twelve-year-old child prodigy, Jaden Deltel is a local youngster that burst on to the golfing scene at the age of ten, when he won the Barclays Mug Golf Tournament 2015. Triumphing over his adult rivals, these included the club's Golfer of the Year, Jerry Jean-Baptiste. He has also won the club's Open Tournament, beating 38 adult golfers with a net score of 59, nine under par - this created a sensation among his counterparts, as a score of under 60 is very rare. In June 2016, he also won the club's New Emerald Cove junior tournament.

Jaden had already won several nine-hole competitions prior to winning his first 18-hole event. He is Seychelles' youngest ever golfing competitor - and not surprisingly, he wants to be a professional golfer when he grows up!

Golf in Seychelles is a wonderful pastime, whatever your handicap.

Golf in Seychelles

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