Fishing in Seychelles

Date Posted: 07/02/2018

Offering world-renowned sites that attract visitors of all ages and abilities, Seychelles is the fishing enthusiasts’ paradise.

fishing in seychelles

Popular fishing areas

For those who love a challenge, the islands are a mecca for large fish. Game fishing is popular around the inner islands of Praslin, Mahé and La Digue, where the sea is an average depth of around 60 metres to 75 metres but with a sharp drop to the ocean floor.

The rich structure of the plateau, with the often-abrupt change in depth, offers fantastic fishing opportunities. The area is a hotspot for bottom-feeding fish and it is also a magnet for schools of young fish. Located close to the continental shelf drop-offs, the outer islands of Bird, Denis, Desroches and Poivre also offer excellent locations.

Thanks to their expanse of clear, warm sand flats, the ultimate saltwater fly fishing location is Alphonse and St Francois atolls. For those who prefer using lighter tackle such as spin and fly fishing, Seychelles offers the coastlines of its many islands, offshore reefs and the expansive shallow areas in between.

Types of fish

Saltwater fly fishing is particularly popular around Alphonse and St Francois atolls, which support many species including milk fish, trigger fish and bone fish. The plateau around Praslin and Mahé with its plentiful bottom fish, young schools of fish and trevallies, attracts pelagic predators such as black marlin and sailfish. This is also where the big dogtooth tuna and amberjacks live.

The edge of the plateau and the drop-off into the deeper ocean are among the best fishing spots you can find in the world in terms of the variety of species and strike frequency. Beyond these areas lie the feeding grounds of the large yellowfin tuna and blue and striped marlin.

The atolls are home to large populations of bonefish, three types of triggerfish, snapper, barracuda, grouper, parrotfish, permit, eight species of trevally and milkfish.

For those who prefer big game fishing, it's possible to charter a boat for anything from half a day up to a seven-day live-on-board experience. Catch bonito, wahoo (king fish), dog tooth tuna, sailfish, barracuda, dorado and blue marlin at a number of fruitful fishing grounds.

Best time for fishing trips

Being close to the equator, Seychelles doesn't have substantial changes in daylight hours or temperature, whatever the time of year. However, the wind's force and direction can affect fishing trips. Fluctuating between 10 and 20 knots, the south-east monsoon begins in May or June and continues until October, so this isn't ideal for fishing techniques such as jigging or bottom fishing.

This is a great time for trolling, coinciding with the sailfish peak season. People wishing to go on fishing trips at this time of year will need a larger boat when the wind speed is higher.

October and November are ideal for all fishing techniques, as the wind drops. After this, the north-west monsoon begins but apart from the odd day when the wind is stronger - if a cyclone moves through the south - it's still suitable for all fishing styles. There can be heavier rain at this time, climaxing in January. The water temperature rises after this, until the annual cycle kicks in again.

fishing in seychelles

Fishing competitions

Organised by the Seychelles Sports Fishing Club, the main fishing event is the Seychelles National Fishing Tournament that takes place annually in April - fishing enthusiasts hit the seas for trolling and bottom fishing. The Marlin Slam tournament takes place in January for big game fishing. This is a popular one day event that offers a large prize of $20,000 for the winning team.

Seychelles has long-standing conservation policies, ensuring fish stocks are protected through best practice; this includes a ban on spear guns throughout the region.

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