Enjoy a Safe Seychelles Holiday with these Tips!

Date Posted: 19/08/2016

One of the many reasons why tourists escape to the Seychelles is the pristine beaches; most of the fun activities involve the ocean; swimming, diving, surfing, jet skiing, etc.

Savoy Resort and Spa would really like you to make the most of your holiday, so with that in mind we have compiled a list of helpful tips:

  1. Don’t forget to regularly apply sunblock/sunscreen

  2. As a tropical country, the Seychelles enjoys a good deal of hot and sunny weather. Quite apart from saving you from the pain of sunburn, sunblock also helps to reduce skin cancer cases.

  3. Be cautious of the environment and the wildlife

  4. Although some of the Seychelles’ beaches are caressed by gentle ocean waves (especially if they are located within the inner islands), it is important to pay attention to your environment. Here are some things you should look out for:

    • Rip currents/tides - these strong currents can be dangerous for swimmers as they can quickly take you out to sea
    • Jellyfish/sea urchins – it is part of their natural protection reflex to sting potential threats
    • Sharp coral - this can cause serious injuries
  5. Learn how to swim

  6. Take the time to learn how to swim. This is not just for your enjoyment but also for your personal safety. If you know how to swim, you will also be blessed with the ability to save others!

  7. Swim in areas that are covered by lifeguards

  8. If you are not a confident swimmer, make sure you stick to the designated areas that are supervised by lifeguards.

  9. Stay hydrated

  10. The hot weather can cause heat-related illnesses such as:

    • heat exhaustion
    • headaches
    • upset tummy

    Sunshine and alcohol might seem like the perfect holiday cocktail on the face of it but try to remember to drink enough water throughout the day – spice it up with lemon, cucumber, mint, apple, etc.

  11. Always listen to your tour guide

  12. Whether you are snorkeling, diving or just splashing around in the water, make sure you listen to your tour guide – they know the area much better than you so trust in their instincts. Pay attention to areas that need to be avoided or that require extra care. Always remember that your guides are responsible for your safety.

  13. Wear proper clothing

  14. Wear the appropriate clothing according to the activity. While the latest designer bikini or swimming trunks can do wonders for your street cred near the shoreline, it would be much wiser to wear rash guards, dive skins, neoprene vests or other protective swimwear when venturing further out to sea - this is to avoid irritation should you come into contact with different sea creatures. Protective swimwear can also be used for water sports such as jet skiing, surfing, etc.

We are on a mission… Savoy Resort & Spa takes your Seychelles holiday enjoyment very seriously! For fun, sun and then some… come and join the hospitality experts!