Documents Essential for Civil Marriage in Seychelles

Date Posted: 12/07/2016

Getting married on a beach is less demanding – you will just need to bring the necessary documents for a civil marriage. A true island vision, Seychelles is the ultimate wedding day location extravaganza.

To ensure that your special day goes without a hitch, remember to bring these beach wedding essentials:

documents essential for civil marriage savoy resort and spa infographic

Valid Passport and Birth Certificates

Essential to a civil marriage, couples who are planning their ultimate Seychelles wedding must present a valid passport and their birth certificates. For those who have been divorced, widowed or changed their name by deed poll, applicable documentation will be required - the Savoy Resort & Spa sales team will be happy to offer their professional advice.

Submission of Documents

Remember to bring the original documents with you; we would recommend they are submitted at least 6 weeks before you depart for Seychelles so that arrangements can be finalised before the actual ceremony. Ceremonies are conducted and directed by the Registrar in accordance with Seychelles’ Law.

Final Arrangements

Weddings can take place on weekdays, excluding Public Holidays – all dates are subject to the availability of the Registrar. Ideally the couple will stay at the hotel for two working days preceding the ceremony; this ensures that everyone is happy with the preparations.

A wedding day needs to be perfect. Ideally situated on the phenomenal Seychelles’ coastline, nobody does it better than Savoy Resort & Spa!