Boat Tours and Excursions

Date Posted: 16/06/2017

Thanks to the beauty of the islands, the diverse selection of activities and the all-year-round warm climate, Seychelles offers some of the most memorable boat tours and excursions in the world. Whether you're looking for exciting, scenic or relaxing outings, there's something to suit all tastes.

A popular starting point, set off from Mahé Island to explore the wonders of the islands. Many boat trip operators are based in Mahé and they offer plenty of fascinating excursions around the islands, with luxury yachts and boats that assure a smooth sailing adventure.



With the warm Indian Ocean providing the ideal location for people of all ages and abilities, Seychelles has some of the best snorkelling spots in the world. Mahé is dotted with bays and coves that offer a variety of snorkelling sites, such as the shallow lagoons of Anse Royale and Baie Lazare or the reefs near the shore off Anse Soleil and Anse Major. For more experienced snorkellers, there are barrier reefs that will tempt you further out to sea and the coastal granite rock areas.


A popular activity around Seychelles, big game and deep-sea fishing trips are always a favourite. With an experienced crew who will transport you to the best locations, parties of all sizes are catered for. All you need do is sit back and enjoy the trip while the crew looks after your every need.

Places of interest

If you prefer to relax as you visit places of interest, boat excursions around the islands offer visitors the chance to experience some of Seychelles' most fascinating locations, including those of historical interest and some that are simply too beautiful to miss - bathe in the atmosphere and soak up the sun as you visit the famous landmarks!

Scuba diving

If you're looking for fun and adventure, the warm and clear tropical waters beckon. Boat excursions to experience the diverse marine life around the islands are available all year round thanks to the climate, although the water is calmest in March, April, May, September, October and November. During these months, visibility can reach 30 metres and the water temperature can be as high as 29°C… now doesn’t that sound inviting?


Beaches and barbecues

Boat tours to Praslin's unspoilt beaches are always a blast, especially as you can dine on the boat and relax as the experienced crew looks after your every need! Enjoy a barbecue on the beach or simply work on your tan. Book excursions to La Digue - renowned for its wonderful beaches - or marvel at the diverse wildlife in the Veuve Reserve, where the resplendent landscape is bejewelled with bright and colourful tropical birds.

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