A traveller’s guide: Things you need to consider before visiting the Seychelles

Date Posted: 17/05/2016

It’s true to say, people are beginning to value experiences over money. Composed of 115 islands, Seychelles is the perfect island getaway and one of the most outstandingly beautiful experiences you could ever wish for.

A travellers guide to Seychelles infographic

Here are some things to consider for your Seychelles holiday:

1. Visa

Seychelles is a visa-free country. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Transport of The Republic of Seychelles, a visitor’s permit will be issued if you have a valid passport or other travel documents recognised by the country.

2. Currency

Seychelles Rupees, US Dollar and the Euro are accepted. You may use your credit and debit cards at any automated teller machines to receive the local currency, Seychelles Rupees. It is better to withdraw cash at the airport because some places do not accept all credit cards.

3. Weather

Seychelles has a tropical climate and you will not be disappointed if you visit at any time of the year. However, there is a best time for each activity:

  • Bird Watching – April (breeding season); May to September (nesting of Sooty Terns); October (migration)
  • Diving – March to May; September to November
  • Fishing – October to April
  • Hiking, Surfing – May to September
  • Sailing and Snorkeling – Throughout the year

4. Food

Seychelles’ cuisine is influenced by African, Chinese, French and Indian cultures. According to the World Travel Guide chillies, coconut milk and breadfruit are prevalent to their culinary delights. Local vegetables, fruit and fish are patronised, while lobster, octopus, pork and chicken are used more frequently than beef and lamb.

5. Language

English, French and Creole are the official languages.

6. Transportation

Explore the Seychelles by bicycle, taxi or bus.

  • Bike Rental – Costs around 10 Euros
  • Bus – Costs 3 to 10 Rupees, depending on the destination
  • Taxi – Costs 25 to 30 Euros

7. Technology

3G is widely available. There are Internet cafes in Victoria, Praslin and La Digue.

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