A Taste of the Island: The Seychelles’ Rousette

Date Posted: 12/04/2017

More than the picture-perfect views and crystal clear waters, the islands of Seychelles are also known for their amazing wildlife and natural resources. Tourists flock in their droves, not only to get a glimpse of Paradise but also to taste the world famous local cuisine.

The Seychellois Delicacy

Seychellois food is a fusion of African, Indian, French, Chinese and English cooking – proof indeed of the colourful and diverse way of life on the islands.

You might be forgiven for thinking the islands’ dishes were limited to seafood… let us introduce you to some truly authentic Seychellois cuisine: the Rousette. Although it may sound like your typical main course, it’s actually the last thing you would expect to be served on your plate.

The Seychelles’ Fruit Bat

seychelles fruit bat

Also known as ‘flying foxes’, fruit bats have been widespread across the continent for the longest time. Endemic residents of the Seychelles archipelago, they are hunted on the islands of Praslin and Mahe – to be served in restaurants as a local delicacy. This local dish has been served on the island since as far back as the 1940’s.

The Rousette Dish

Rousette, which means ‘fruit bat’, is the most famous and straightforward dish. Seychelles’ fruit bat belongs to the Rousettus species - this is the old English term used for them.


People who have tried this dish have often compared its taste to venison but it has many tiny bones – thus, it is typically eaten with the hands.

Although fruits bats are served regularly, there is actually no need to worry about their population; their numbers are pretty abundant in the area and they are far from extinct!

Other Local Cuisines

If you find the Seychelles’ fruit bat a bit too extreme don’t worry, for the islands have so much more to offer including another famous Seychellois delicacy, Shark Chutney. Made with boiled and mashed shark meat, Shark Chutney is cooked with bilimbi, a small cucumber, lime juice and Ladob - it can be eaten as a savoury or a dessert.

Synonymous with the islands, seafood has long been a favourite – and in Seychelles, we sure know how to cook it to make the best of the various textures and flavours. Make sure you try grilled tuna, shark, rabbit fish, mullet and poisson perroquet!

Get a Taste of Seychellois Cuisine

seychellois cuisine

The Grand Savoy

Teeming with savoury dishes that range from local Creole favourites to the finest international cuisine, our buffet restaurant extends to an outside terrace that overlooks the hotel gardens – when in Paradise!


The A la Carte restaurant hosts a Fish Market that is very popular with everyone. Guests are invited to create their very own seafood platter from freshly sourced local fish that includes rock lobster, clams and tuna steak.

Mahek Restaurant

Situated just 2 minutes away from the resort, the Indian Gourmet Restaurant features a gastronomical selection of Indian Cuisine. The restaurant also features a ‘show cooking kitchen’ where guests are invited to watch our talented chefs at work.

There is no adventure quite like the Savoy Seychelles adventure! Savoy Resort & Spa is one of the best Seychelles Beach Resorts on the island of Mahe – where you will be assured of a truly authentic Seychellois taste sensation.