10 reasons to visit Seychelles this May and June

Date Posted: 13/04/2017
Seychelles is a dream destination at any time of year but it's worth considering the benefits of a relaxing holiday on the sun-kissed islands out of peak season. In this blog, we’re going to give you just 10 out of the 100’s of good reasons why you should visit Seychelles this May and June:

1. Hotels are cheaper

By visiting Seychelles in the off-peak months, you will pay less for your hotel accommodation than if you travelled during the school holidays in July and August. This means you will have more spending money to enjoy and you can afford to treat yourself to extra luxuries during your trip - such as excursions, dining out and a super relaxing spa treatment.

2. Tickets are cheaper

Similarly, flights to Seychelles are cheaper in May and June, so if you go online and check out the prices you will surely find yourself a real bargain; again, leaving yourself with more spending money to pamper yourself during your holiday.

3. Less visitors

If you're looking forward to a more peaceful holiday in Seychelles, you may prefer going in May or June as there are less visitors – and certainly a lot fewer children.

4. Lovely weather

Seychelles has beautiful weather all year round but May and June are particularly blessed with the tropical sun, as these months fall in the driest season; so you can rest assured, there will be plenty of opportunity to work on that tan!

seychelles beach     

5. Public holidays

Booking a holiday at this time of year means you can enjoy the Seychelles' public holiday celebrations - Labour Day on 1st May; Liberation Day on 5th June that celebrates the nation becoming independent in 1977; and Independence Day on 29th June, when displays of national pride include fireworks and a party atmosphere.

6. Diving

Although water activities in the ocean waters are enjoyed all year round, May and June are an ideal time to go diving. The clear waters offer perfect visibility and the warm, dry weather simply enhances the whole marine experience.

7. Trade winds

The fresh south-east trade winds and will provide the much-needed cool breeze – so you won’t overheat!

8. Water sports

May and June are the best time of year for surfing and windsurfing. Thanks to a combination of the south-east trade winds and the waves, water sport enthusiasts will have a whale of a time!

9. Wildlife

From May onwards the wild birds' nesting period starts - so for wildlife and nature lovers, this is the ideal time for you to visit the islands. There will be a hive of fascinating wildlife activity.

seychelles bird

10. Holiday offers

Savoy Resort and Spa is offering 20% discount and a free 30-minute massage for two when you book either the Junior Suite or the Savoy Suite for three-nights or more – applicable on bookings from 20th April to 24th June. Please contact us for further details on some of the best holiday packages in Seychelles.